Monday, September 15, 2008

impromptu cake

i'm officially on the roster for operation baking gals.

"Operation Baking GALS will be supporting our troops every month, once a month, and instead of our soldiers getting deodorant and soap, they'll be getting the one thing they can't get from the canteen - Homemade goodies made with LOVE. We will be assigning a different soldier to certain sub-groups of bakers each month so that we spread the love, and that way, a homesick troop will have a package with HIS name on it, filled with goodies to share. Now, doesn't that sound like something you could get into??"

i'm so excited! my soldier's name is zach and he is from ohio. he's only 19 so i can only imagine how homesick he is. i have no idea what i'm going to bake yet but i want to send him some comfort food. if you'd like to join operation baking gals, just email

in my previous post, i mentioned celebrating alex's friend's birthday. well, he didn't really tell me that it was andy's b-day till the night before, so i didn't have much time to make him a little present. however, i was able to pull together a little somethin somethin and made him a mini devil's food cake with chocolate buttercream frosting :]

because it was a personal-sized cake, i had batter left i made cupcakes!

alex, who isn't a huge fan of sweets, let alone chocolate, actually ate like 3 of them. i got to taste one and while i liked the cake, the frosting wasn't extraordinary. i will definitely use a different one next time.

speaking of next time...tomorrow is kira's birthday!

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Clumbsy Cookie said...

What a tall chocolatey wonderful cake!