Thursday, July 17, 2008

mrs. field day

i have a problem. i keep collecting recipes with the full intention of trying them out...and then i never follow through. i just make the same stuff over and over and never try anything new.

that is about to change.

i've finally organized my recipes into two categories: the tried and true go on my recipe box and the to-try recipes go into a three ring binder. that way, it's easy to flip through, pick out something new, try it out and toss it if it turns out to be crap. or, copy it onto a recipe card and file it. i'm really pulling for the latter.

the first two i decided to try were top secret mrs. field's cookie recipes [let's just say i know people who know some people who know some things]. and needless to say, i expected these to be pretty good. i mean, c'mon, she makes money off these cookies...they gotta be pretty good right?

i made three different kinds: peanut butter [bottom left], white chocolate chip [bottom right], and my own variation, peanut butter with crushed pb puffins [top center]. they came out really really big. like really big. and flat. each recipe said it yeilded 12 cookies (rounded tablespoonfuls worth of batter). um, no. i did huge, heaping, tableglobfuls and still had about 18 cookies for each batch. ok so the size was kinda my fault but i always remembered mrs. field's for having ginormous cookies so you know...when in rome.

but i really didn't like how flat they came out. i like my cookies a little more cakey and a little less chewy. to be honest, i really wasn't blown away with the flavor. i mean, they tasted all right, but i wanna be better than just all right.

the whole crushed puffins thing was pretty much because we had over half a box left and no one was eating them. they actually turned out pretty good. not as crunchy as i expected, but they definitely gave some substance to the otherwise kinda blah pb cookie. i'd do it again. but as for the mrs. field's recipes...i'm gunna keep on looking.

oh well, on to the next experiment.

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